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    8 Responses to Contact us

    1. Jeff Cox says:

      nice site

    2. Steve Davis (Rabbit) says:

      Hey Dunny….been a few years since you taught me how to work the sticks at the Mug in Cortland…about 1970

      Hope things have gone well for you


    3. H.P says:

      Good job on the stories.

    4. Jason Wright says:

      This is an incredible site.

    5. Ton Cohen says:

      Thanks for this rattling post, I am glad I discovered this site on yahoo.

    6. Jim Ochner says:

      Life is strange. Was net surfing trying to find out info on the Huddle in Cortland NY and came across this. I don’t remember that story about Al. I knew him well. We did a lot of “carousing” back in the day. I did some “bouncing” at the Huddle and later a lot of bartending for Orm and all the other later owners. Al was killed in 1974 in a pedestrian accident on Rt.13 between Cortland and Ithaca. I still think of him. Lots of stories to tell about those times, but not now. Looks like this site is history.

    7. Mike Q says:

      Jim … great to hear from you! I don’t think we knew each other back in the day, but your name sounds familiar. If you hung out with Al, I probably knew of you by reputation. Those were the days. I was in Beta Phi Epsilon … did you know Grease (Bob Donnelly)? He was also a bouncer at The Huddle and maybe a bartender there later. I managed and bartended at The Mug, further down Main Street, although my name was Mike Dunford back then. (It’s a long story … )

      I knew Orm best, just from hanging out at The Huddle. A classic owner … one of a kind. I only knew Al from being a customer at his father’s joint, but I’ll never forget that day I was hanging out at the bar while he painted the ladies room. I think the color was light green or blue, and Al was splattered with paint as he told me why he was putting in the effort. And he had a big grin on his face. When I’d move to Albany and came back for a visit, Orm told me Al had been killed by a car while walking along a country road. Al was a great guy.

      I’ll be in touch by email once I get moved just down from where I’m living now on Mass Ave. Thanks for leaving a comment! I look forward to a little email exchange and swapping some stories. No, this site’s not completely dead … just been slacking off after I finished the book. I’ll be getting back to it in May.

    8. Mike Repetto says:

      Hey Mike, Huey here. Still re-inventing myself after all these years. I think of you from time to time. I appreciated the training you used to help me with before working the door at Friends and Company, Studley’s, J.J.Donovan’s, Celebrations and my turn at Johnny D’s.

      I still laugh inside when I’m into a little rough stuff, that life may bring…nope not the little endeavors being a “public relations specialist, able to deal with the public on individual or group basis” (though that came in handy then too) may bring, no, I’m talking about tumbles that life brings, literally! Falls, car crashes, skiing yard sales and the occasional collisions, playing hockey (a sport I took up when I hit 30). If given the chance, and I have to, I hear a voice “set your jaw” (you used to implore that to me). Sometimes I hear the voice and clench my molars back so that my mandible finds it’s happy little home and is parked…other times I go through whatever shit life brings, jaw clenching by choice and sometimes it’s just freakin’ automatic, anyway after I figure out I’m OK, I dust myself off, unclench my jaw and smile and chuckle and think of you.

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