Johnny D’s bartender, Oscar (left), with his brother Oliver, and a friend.

First, let me wish you a great Fourth of July now, because I’m taking this week off.  We’ll be back next Saturday with more tales of the bar life.  If this is your first time here and you’re looking for stories, you can glance through the archives on the right sidebar.  (Have you read “Danny” or “Joey Cigars?”)  There’s a list of “featured posts” and “popular posts” on the right — an “archives” box where you can search by month — and there’s even a “search” box on the top right.  (You can see if we’ve written about any friends and places you might know.)

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But today, I’m using this space for a public service announcement, and one or two other odds and ends.

(1)   Free is good . . .

This Sunday, the weekly Blues Jam at Johnny D’s WILL BE FREE!  That’s right . . .  no cover charge at the door this Sunday, and in fact no cover charge at all for the jam during July and August.

(OK, it really wasn’t that much anyway, only three dollars . . . but now it’s nothing!  That’s even better.)

The Blues Jam happens every Sunday afternoon between 4 and 8 pm, and there’s always good, authentic music.  (New players welcome.  The kitchen is open — don’t forget to sample some of our local craft beers –and definitely don’t forget to tip your bartenders and wait staff.)


(2) Anonymity . . .

(Image from

If you read last week’s post, Stormy Monday, you know that I used pseudonyms to protect the identities of certain people.  I ended up choosing the name “Matt” for the main guy — just picked the name out of a hat, so to speak — but it turns out there may have been a real-life Matt involved in the story.  Here’s a comment posted in response:

“. . . The irony here is there’s a real-world Matt (a life-long friend of “Matt”), who would have convinced “Linda” to do him one last time. In the office. On the CEO’s desk.”

That’s from the guy I called “Carl” in the story.  Looks like there’s even more to the story that I thought, hmmm?  🙂

I’ve got a good story or two about “Carl”, as well.  I heard this one day when “Matt” and “Louie” were at the bar talking about what great luck “Carl” has with good-looking women.  (Except, of course, when it comes to his ex-wife and her exorbitant alimony.)

Carl does something with computer analysis and investors, predicting markets — his clients pay him ridiculous amounts of money.  It seems there was one group of investors who wanted to reward him even further for a job well done, so they flew him to Texas.  A limo met him at the airport, and inside were two, stunning Playmate-type blonds. Apparently there were bottles of Dom Perignon involved, and the girls began kissing each other, and then all three of them were naked, pouring champagne all over each others bodies.

I heard this from “Matt” and “Louie”, so I don’t have enough of the details to elaborate further.  (This would be yet another story where the names would have to be changed.)

As it turns out, it’s really only the names that must be kept secret  “I wouldn’t want people to do a search for my business, and find the (Stormy Monday) story right below one listing credentials,” ‘Matt’ explained.

As it turns out (they’ve all OK’d this) I could have used a picture of them taken recently at Johnny D’s.  Now you tell me, . . . wouldn’t it have been a riot to see “Matt” (center) in the working-class bar, trying to convince “Louie” (right) to take that engagement ring?  (It’s not what you think . . . click here for the whole story.)

Real-life photo of the three amigos; “Carl” (on the left), “Matt”, and “Louie.”











(3)  The Boys of Summer . . .

“Oh, geez,” Brooke says laughing.  So far this hasn’t been her day.  She’d been watching England play Italy in the quarter-finals of Euro 2012 soccer championships.  She and another good friend of ours, Dave, were at Johnny D’s watching the large screen TVs, cheering for England which almost pulled off a huge upset.  The two teams went scoreless for 90 minutes of regulation time, and then scoreless for two 15 minute overtime periods . . . before England finally lost in the game-ending free shootout.

Now she was on her IPhone, checking some of her friends’ Facebook pages.  “I guess Oscar is at the beach,” she laughed, ‘They’re posting pictures of themselves.”

Oscar is a kick-ass bartender, but that’s all he needs, . . . another reason to take off his shirt  And when Oscar does take his shirt off  — he often has a pretty, young woman on his arm — literally.

See what I mean?
















Here’s the picture I think Brooke was laughing at . . . his younger bother, Oliver, tries to ruin the photo (like putting a two-fingered “peace” sign, or a one-fingered gesture behind someone’s head just before the picture is snapped.)  Very creative, Oliver.














One more photo of Oscar and Oliver at the beach last Sunday (this time with Oliver behaving), and then we’ll see you next week with more Life on a Cocktail Napkin.

Two brothers from Venezuela enjoy an American day at the beach.

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9 Responses to THE BOYS OF SUMMER

  1. Susan P says:

    Enjoy your week off!

  2. Case says:

    Thats exactly how I pictured Louie now the story is even funnier.

  3. Llylak says:

    So you say you’re taking a week off and you write a post anyway? Your blog is always interesting, and funny, and it has a good heart, if a blog can have a heart. Thank you for the boys of summer photos. Not just because they’re shirtless, but I love the two brothers in the last one. They have a classic look of young siblings at play. They must come from a good family.

  4. Starbucks8294 says:

    Have a good 4th.

  5. DAbertini says:

    Louie doesn’t look like you should piss him off. Good stories all the way around. Enjoyed the two big guys embarrashment the muscle guy looking like he saying WTF to his brother.

  6. James says:

    Your blog is the balls. Keep sharing. They’re long gone now but I still remember my days on the bar with all the shit that went down.

  7. "Matt" says:

    Have a great week off, Mike! (And don’t spend too much on my souvenir from wherever it is you are going 😉

  8. Colleen says:

    Take some well deserved time off!! I miss you…

  9. "Carl" says:

    Why does it look like I’m holding hands with “Matt”? You tryin’ to get me in trouble with “Louie” (aka “Sasquatch”)?

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